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For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing quality care in physician recruitment. 

About Us

W2Locums is a member of the Provenir Healthcare family of brands. Together, we’ve built a reputation for quality physician placement and unmatched care across the U.S. since 1995.

About W2Locums

Delivering lifestyle, well-being and committed care to create partnerships and ongoing flexibility for physicians and healthcare facilities.

W2Locums is a leader in healthcare staffing, providing a network of employed physicians to healthcare facilities. With an acute dedication to flexibility – for providers and for facilities – W2Locums bridges the gap between consistent quality care and scalability.

Led by a team of trailblazing physicians who make up our board of medical directors, W2Locums is the industry’s premiere solution connecting best-in-class providers to best-in-class healthcare facilities. Our facility-led model for interim physician needs also provides the continued locum lifestyle healthcare professionals have come to love – but as an employee with benefits.

Our Core Values

We Care

It’s our privilege to serve medical professionals and healthcare facilities. Together, we provide life-altering care.

We Have Integrity

We have a pretty simple philosophy we live by:
Do the right thing. Every time. No matter what.

We Are Empathetic

We put ourselves in others’ shoes.

We Are Conscientious

If we see something, we say something.

We Are Positive People

Others can see that we love our work because of our good attitudes. Well-being starts with positivity.

We Are Dedicated

We go the extra mile to make sure our physicians and our clients are completely satisfied.

The Beginning of Something New.

For over 20 years, the Provenir Healthcare family of brands has been providing healthcare staffing and solutions – and we kept hearing one thing from both physicians and from healthcare facilities. The locum tenens model is great for flexibility – for scaling when needed, and for work-life balance – but it’s too one-sided.

As a contracting physician, there is no paid time off, no benefits and no reason to stay with one company as a locum tenens. Healthcare professionals are compassionate and trustworthy in their nature, but this model does not encourage loyalty or build sustained working relationships.

Time for a New Way to Care. Because well-being is always the right place to start.

We believe that allowing physicians to practice where and when they want is important, but we also believe that physicians need another option when it comes to working like a locum.

Rooted in our desire to provide a better lifestyle to those who care for us in our time of need, we created W2Locums, a division of Provenir Healthcare, which gives hospitals access to the same top healthcare professionals when they need them but that provides health insurance, paid time off and other employee benefits to physicians.

W2Locums is designed to be the best of both worlds; it’s the locum lifestyle meets relationship-based healthcare. It’s continuity and commitment without compromising the well-being of physicians and their want for flexibility.

It’s a new way to care.

For Our Physicians

As your advocate, we listen to you to identify the assignments that make sense for you. You can expect:

  • A dedicated team supporting you
  • A variety of assignments to choose from
  • Ease of transition from one assignment to the next
  • Comprehensive benefits, and other employee services
  • Access to continuing medical education

For Our Clients

Our collaborative approach ensures we understand your staffing needs from all angles:

  • Medical and physician relationship expertise
  • Exclusive proprietary physician database with leading access to top healthcare talent
  • Extensive sourcing and screening tools

In two words, W2Locums stands for care and commitment.

We are dedicated to delivering a new way of providing healthcare staffing solutions that is grounded in our central mission of caring. We care about doing the right thing. We care about the well-being of our physicians providing life-altering care every day, we care about our partnered healthcare facilities and we care about patients. We care about nurturing a committed culture, unwavering in quality, empathy and transparency.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We believe you have to commit to yourself before you can help others. In our years working with healthcare professionals, we know them to be selfless, which is why we commit to promoting and providing a lifestyle complete with flexibility, health and wellness – because a commitment to sustainable care starts first with our physicians.

Led by a Board of Medical Directors

Our commitment and unwavering dedication to providing the best care and the best working relationship possible means continuity for physicians and healthcare facilities.

Our board of senior medical leaders is passionate about providing best-in-class healthcare for every patient, every day. Each individual director has a background that includes clinical start-up experience, from primary care, to specialty care, to hospital medicine, and they’ve worked with every age group of patient there is. Today, in addition to leadership roles spearheading hospital systems and national primary delivery organizations, the board of directors govern the W2Locums practice. Under their direction, W2Locums ensures our physicians are supported and championed while they provide the best quality care.

Together, we’re setting a new standard.


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