Thinking About Joining W2Locums As a Physician?

If you’re interested in W2Locums, but not sure if it’s right for you yet, check out these commonly asked questions and answers to get a better idea of what it’s like to work for us as a physician.

What is locum tenens?

Many physicians prefer locum tenens because it allows them to practice medicine with fewer of the administrative headaches common in today’s healthcare landscape. In fact, 69 percent of locum tenens physicians report spending less time on paperwork and more time on themselves and their families. Additionally, locum tenens physicians enjoy flexible assignments, with or without travel.

Absolutely. Many of our physicians have found full-time locum tenens work to be a rewarding way to practice while also enjoying increased flexibility.

As a W2Locums physician you would still get to live the locum lifestyle, while also enjoying the benefits offered to traditionally employed physicians.

Can locum tenens be a full-time career?

What are the work-life benefits to being a W2Locums physician?

In many cases, locum tenens physicians report a better work-life balance than their permanent, full-time counterparts. Why? Because locum tenens physicians have fewer managerial demands, allowing them to “leave work at work.” Additionally, the nature of locum tenens work means you can pick and choose how, where and when you practice. This is also true for W2Locums physicians.

The demand for locum tenens physicians has never been higher, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of stopping. In 2012, 74 percent of healthcare facility managers reported hiring a locum tenens physician in the last 12 months. By 2016, that number had grown to 94 percent.

What kind of stability do locum tenens physicians have?

Is locum tenens work as rewarding as practicing as a full-time physician?

Many physicians have found locum tenens work to be more rewarding than traditional full-time positions. Why? Because locum tenens physicians typically get to spend more time with their patients. Additionally, the flexible nature of locum tenens work means that physicians get to work on a self-made schedule and in diverse settings. All of which can significantly reduce practice burnout.

Locum tenens is a great way to enter the workforce. In addition to giving you the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings, locum tenens physicians enjoy fewer administrative headaches than do permanent, full-time physicians.

Can I work as a locum tenens physician right out of residency?

Is locum tenens a good work to transition into retirement?

The flexible nature of locum tenens offers late-career physicians a way to continue doing what they love without the demands of a permanent, full-time position. Plus, you get to choose how, where, and when you work, making it a great way to transition into retirement.

Locum tenens physicians are in demand all across the country. Wherever your assignment takes you, and wherever you choose to work, W2Locums will assist you in finding housing while you complete the contract assignments you accept.

As a practicing locum tenens, where would I live?

What can I expect from W2Locums?

At W2Locums, you can expect a dedicated team supporting you before, during and after your placement on each contract assignment. Our recruiting consultants work closely with our physicians to identify personalized opportunities and provide transition assistance from one assignment to the next.

Our dedicated team of professionals will identify the requirements of your selected assignment and guide you through the process of securing appropriate licensure and credentialing. It’s all part of the continued care we provide to our physicians.

How can W2Locums help me with licensure?

What benefits does W2Locums provide?

W2Locums offers a full range of benefits, including comprehensive health insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, malpractice insurance, including tail coverage, as well as continuing medical education and a professional expense fund.

W2Locums physicians serve all across the country, and we add new positions every day. Click here to view a complete listing of our current openings.

Where does W2Locums currently have assignments?

Can I work as a 1099 consulting physician if I don’t need benefits?

Yes, to search our independent contractor positions, click here.

W2Locums specializes in contract physician positions, but is offering them in a whole new way – with benefits. W2Locums offers physicians the ability to live the locum lifestyle and the freedom to practice medicine when, where and how they want, but with the stability and comprehensive benefits that increase well-being and job satisfaction. We are a completely new way to providing care.

How is W2Locums different from other locum tenens companies?

How long will it take to start an assignment with W2Locums?

Really it’s up to you. If you’re licensed and credentialed in a state you’d like to work in, you could start as soon as within a week. Your needs and your timelines govern our process. If you’d like to start something quickly, our team can make it happen.

It’s the same 401(k) we all have. The unique kicker to our 401(k) is the automatic three percent contribution we provide, and it starts on day one.

What is W2Locums’ 401(k) like?

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