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Care for Caregivers.

Faced with an increasingly challenging regulatory environment, physicians are leaving their roles and the practice of medicine at record numbers. Meanwhile, demand continues to grow. So how do you prevent burnout while ensuring continuity of care? The answer is simple: You make things better. And that’s where W2Locums comes in.





A Different Approach. A New Solution.

Healthcare professionals are compassionate and trustworthy by nature, but the locum tenens model does not encourage loyalty nor does it build partnerships between practicing physicians and healthcare facilities. It also typically means higher rates for hospitals, as physicians upcharge to cover their lack of paid time off and to cover costs like malpractice insurance. Time for another option.

Nurtured from years of conversation, W2Locums was created as a response to feedback we were receiving from healthcare facilities and physicians. It is designed to be the best of both worlds; it’s the flexibility of locums meets relationship-based healthcare. It’s continuity and commitment, with an acute dedication to the well-being of patients, healthcare facilities and physicians. It’s a new way to care.

What You Can Expect as a Client.

Led by a board of medical directors, W2Locums is the industry’s premiere solution offering best-in-class healthcare practices access to a network of best-in-class providers.

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Care is at our core; it guides everything we do. And we believe, better cared for physicians means better cared for patients. When quality and care guide what you do, the results are: better service to patients, better facilities and a better reputation for you.

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Trust and transparency are the foundations of any good relationship, but especially among those providing care. We lead by example and with an open heart; our unwavering dedication is to do what is right, all the time, no matter the circumstance.

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As a healthcare facility, you have a lot to worry about. Finding the right physician no longer has to be one of your biggest challenges. W2Locums has solutions custom fit to meet your needs, all while aligning those with the career goals of highly sought-after physicians.

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How can we help you provide better care?

At W2Locums, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide expertise and solutions to our clients. From search and screening to licensure and logistics, our experienced team is equipped to help you with:

  • Locums support
  • Direct placement
  • Physician transitions
  • Vacation and leave of absence planning

Stories of Care, Commitment and Client Success

“W2Locums has been an invaluable partner for us during this project. They provide innovative solutions that are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully presented. They are incredibly customer service-oriented and we have been delighted with their work.” 

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Company Headquarters: San Antonio, TX

W2Locums has become an extension to our medical group. They have been instrumental in maintaining our visibility in all of our key markets, and have made it possible for us to grow exponentially in the last 4 years. W2Locums has been, and continues to be, a valuable resource for all of our recruiting needs.”

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